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RoyalQuackOG started 1/14/22 3:51 am
Kobblestub replied 1/18/2022 12:50 pm
Hi I own a small community server called QuackLand I get some players at times and most of my friends play it! I just need more players because it is empty most times if my friends aren't online! How would I get more players everyone votes daily and I have it on multiple server sites!
Yes, this is a paid server
No, I dont use Minehut, aternos, FreeMcservers
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01/18/2022 12:50 pm
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What makes servers appealing to people?
  • An active community
  • Honesty.
  • Appealing screenshots
  • Nice spawn hubs and houses.
  • Having somewhere to chat - like discord is a really good idea!
  • Advertising, but don't over do it and shove it in peoples faces. Subtle is better.
  • If you or one of your friends are interesting in creating videos or streaming, that's a good idea - but it's got to be interesting.

Things that make servers interesting, according to people online.

  • Good moderation
  • Unique gameplay
  • No griefing.
  • Memories that they've created.
  • How well made the map is - flow, aesthetics, ect..
  • Playability
  • Community.
  • Places to communicate outside of Minecraft.
  • Uniqueness. Not a new plugin, but rather the state of the server, how it's run, the community, how it's played.

My experience in what makes a good server.
  • Mods not abusing their powers.
  • Consistent rules, applied to both the staff and members.
  • Lag can destroy the experience. Having measures that prevent lag or control it.
  • Community: it doesn't need to be big, but active players who were there for me to talk to and play with when I was online has always been a reason I stick around.
  • Personally, I really enjoy small communities. You know everyone, you know what they're up to, what their playstyle is, how often they're on - and you might even start projects together, live near each other, and share resources.
  • A central place to communicate outside of Minecraft. I've always used Discord - it's been helpful since people can just message each other really easily to arrange getting online and sharing things :)
  • Overbearing staff is a huge turn off.
  • The active players - what kind of people are they? Rude, annoying, disrespectful player base will absolutely turn someone away. I'm not interested in playing on a server where the community is a pain to play with.
My biggest suggestion is don't rush to get new people. Make sure you have a stable, homely server. People will come if you make it feel like a home.

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01/14/2022 4:34 am
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Give rewards when people vote, there are plugins which can do that for websites like topminecraftservers.org
01/14/2022 12:40 pm
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I do that they get vote crate keys
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