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Looking for: [Java, JS, HTML, CSS, PHP] Developers, Builders, and GFX Designers for Earth 1:200 Project [Very big project]find_in_page

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thesonofnotch started 03/23/2020 11:19 am history
Ready4WAR100 replied 03/26/2020 9:45 pm
Tl:dr Need volunteer developers and builders (payment not guaranteed) for a 1:200 scale Earth historical/geopolitical RP server. Discord: zune#9223


Hello! I posted here twice before and progress has been doing great and a few of you were kind of enough to join in and help the cause. For those who haven’t seen my previous introduction, I am the project lead and developer of Total War: Remastered, a Minecraft server that aims at essentially recreating a grand strategy game inside Minecraft. We aim to successfully emulate a geopolitical and war gaming simulation on a 1:200 scale map of Earth in Minecraft.

As I mentioned in my last two posts, I can not offer pay as I simply don't have the resources to pay for a project of this scale but I will gladly give out any profit made from the server as we already have some potential donors lined up for us who have pledged money. I know this is frowned upon but it’s the sad truth and you should know that when going in.


The server is built around a 1:200 scale model of Earth. Time period is ahistorical but is mostly centered around the 1800’s as a start (going for an either Napoleonic or early imperialist Europe type of feel). We are going ahistorical in-order to accommodate a few other problems:
  1. Player creativity is important to us, we don’t want players to feel limited in what they should build or theme their nations as. The time period just is there as a “guide”
  2. We are trying to avoid gunpowder warfare (in the form of small arms, not including cannons and artillery pieces) for balancing sake and because sword and shield work better with our planned NPC mechanics.


We now have a 22 (and counting) page document outlining each feature and mechanic that we have planned for the server, as well as going into great detail about how each should work. It should answer any questions developers have about the project. Please understand the document is being written as we work on it so it’s nowhere near complete but we started a good chunk of it so far.

  • NPCs
    • NPCs will be extremely important as they serve as: passive and dynamic civilian populations for nations, providing quests for completion, will play a role in building the server economy, and the most important (and coolest feature) is that you will be able to raise and command NPC armies in-order to wage war against others
    • And more, full details in documentation.

  • Nations system
    • We are working on a rewrite of Towny built specifically for TW:R. It will include some of the following
      • New War System
        • Adding a “capitulation” mechanic for conquering nations
        • Differentiating between raids and wars so you don’t have to go through the problem of babysitting a conquest just to get some money
        • Sieges
      • Structural listener to give more value to actual nation building besides just aesthetic
      • And more, full details in documentation.

  • As well as many other mechanics but these are the two major parts of the project


We will take any type of help we can get so if you can offer anything please shoot me a friend invite on Discord and I will talk to you. However, we are mainly looking for the following:

  • Backend developers
    • Mainly Java developers who are knowledgeable about:
      • JDA
      • Spigot/Bukkit/Paper
    • As well as JavaScript developers
  • Frontend developers
    • HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Builders
  • Graphic designers
    • To help with advertisements and branding

Don’t have anything to offer but still interested in the server?

We are teaching Java!

If you would like to learn our current devs will be happy to teach you the basics so you can help.

Suggestions and discussion is still part of the development process

Have ideas you would like to share? Reach out to me! I’m open for any feedback/input

Join our discord:

My discord username: zune#9223


I’ll be happy to answer any questions and I welcome any feedback or suggestions. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you come work with us.
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03/26/2020 9:45 pm
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Hey there, I've just begun the journey and am asking for advice /pointers on direction.
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