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Minecraft Server Crashing (Bukkit)

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created 07/09/2019 6:53 pm by highpowerguy history
last reply 07/11/2019 5:16 pm
Hey all, I'm reaching out for some help regarding the constant crashing of my server. It crashes several times a day and i cant figure out why, he console is loaded with stuff and gets spammed every now and again as you will see. Today it crashed four separate times and I believe it was the announcement plugin but am not sure as it did crash fairly regularly before I installed it.

Server Info:
8GB Memory
Player Slots: 92 (I have 6 or 7 people that play regularly but hasnt seen more then 10 players at once.)
Plugins: (27) CratesPlus, CoreProtect, dynmap, ProximityBugReport(meaning to remove), Worldedit, Chatcolor2, Keepitems, MineableSpawners, ClearLag, Votifier, Masterspawn, Worldguard, Multiverse-Core, FastLeafDecay, PermissionsEX, SimpleVoteListener, Vault, GriefPrevention, MyCommand, Wild, Chestshop, Essentials, DynamicShop, MobArena, Holograms, EssentialsChat, EnjinMinecraftPlugin. [Mixture of bukkit and spigot]

The server is 100% survival, it does have a mob arena but just one. I cant imagine that what the small number of people that are on the server are doing anything that could cause this but maybe i'm wrong. Also the last year crashes were almost consecutive.

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3 replies

07/11/2019 5:16 pm
Level 21 : Expert Network
Like Nitwit has said, I would strongly recommend switching to spigot. All your plugins should still work through it and it is all round better
07/10/2019 9:42 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
I am using just straight bukkit, and i have by doing the one at a time thing but its just a hassle for myself and the players to have to constantly restart.
07/10/2019 7:03 amhistory
Level 23 : Expert Blockhead
Are you using PaperSpigot, Spigot, or straight Bukkit?

If the latter, don't, it's a poor idea and it is only maintained so that Spigot can be improved. Paper appends to Spigot and makes the platform faster and more stable.

Other than that it's a simple process of elimination, working through one plugin at a time (from scratch, and then re-adding).

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