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Need help with Minecraft/Server Fundamentals

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created 06/28/2019 4:12 pm by chravis
last reply 06/28/2019 4:36 pm
Hello all! I am hoping that someone can provide me some guidance related to Minecraft, specifically around Single vs Multi Player, servers, and worlds.

Here’s the background:

I have a home built FreeNAS machine that serves several purposes. I recently installed the MineOS plugin as an experiment because my kids play Minecraft. I admittedly know very little about the game. I was able to install the plugin and get the server up and running with little problems.

My daughter plays Minecraft on the Windows 10 (the W10 version). Since that version cannot connect to my server, I bought a new account and downloaded the Java version. I am able to launch that version and connect to my server and play Minecraft. All is well!

This is where my questions come in. When my daughter plays on the W10 version, she is playing single player and has created a bunch of different worlds. When playing the java version, and connecting to a server, how do worlds work? Do you/can you create new worlds on a single server? Or is that not even how it’s intended to work? If I buy a second account for child 2 on a different computer, I assume he can connect to that server and the two kids can see each other? What is the difference between a world and a server?

I realize that is a bunch of questions but I appreciate any guidance.
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06/28/2019 4:36 pm
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as far as I know, the W10 worlds and the java ones are not compatible. However, you can create maps in single player and then upload them to your server. This is how I do most of mine. You can also create a world directly on your server. I use the Multiverse-core plugin to create and host multiple worlds on my server.

I built my own servers and they are being hosted at my sponsor's business. I am running Windows as the OS and Bungeecord and Spigot servers.

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