New Server network, looking for staff, gamers, content creators, ideas people etc

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PomTom44 started 10/29/2020 4:43 am history
AcaiBerii replied 10/29/2020 8:10 am
HI all

im starting a small network server
(minigames, survival, creative, rpg, and so on)
and im looking for people who want to help run it

Staff, mods, Content creators (youtube / twitch) gamers, and so on

I have a video up with these details as well

To apply to be a part of the server please send the following information to

Name: (real name or username is fine)
How long you have been playing Minecraft: (Login to https://account.mojang.com/me and send a screenshot of your join date and profile name)
What role you want to apply for: (Currently no set roles, so make up a name if you want)
Experience in that role: (Screenshots, build downloads, links etc)
Why you want to join:
Any other info you think is important.

Feel free to be creative on your email as well. build something in game, make a video, write a poem.
theres no rules on how to apply, so long as you provide the info required.
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