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ScotCraftServer started 7/21/21 8:02 am
MyZia replied 7/26/2021 11:49 am
Starting a server, and just wondering if anyone has any general tips or things to avoid? Thanks
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Ive been running my server for more than two years now.

Here are my tips:
- Find your Audience (Mine for example, is mature players.)
Finding your audience and advertising towards that is going to help you take your first steps.

If you want to advertise (there are lots of websites to do so on)
I suggest advertising on as many websites as you can, but never pay for a ad spot! (its enticing, but never really works)

-Keep your server simple!!!
Players don't want to join into a server with hundreds of plugins, spamming their chat and screen.
Your community will form naturally.
(unless flashy is your thing! then go for it!)

-Develop your server offline.
dont pay for a host, and then develop. Its a waste of time and your money.

Last but not least,
-you must interact with your players!

I can't tell you how many "loyal" players return to my server just because I play survival with them.
also, make sure you can afford server hosting. Thats a big one.
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