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SeigeMC~ Recruiting Staff

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created 02/11/2020 1:34 pm by kaizbez

is a network made for heroes. Conquer your way to the top, in Skyblock. With its two realms, you can be the best, and become the legend you've always wanted.

Skyblock Hell, defeat your way through the layers of purgatory become the God of the Underworld.

Skyblock Heaven, capture the clouds and become the God of the Skies.

Join Our Discord Here

We are still taking applications, join while you can!
If you apply you must join our discord.

Apply here:

Remember, you must have a working mic so Admins+ can interview you. Remember also, that Admins+ reserves the right to deny whoever they see fit. Harassing, or forcing any staff to read your application will result in a mute and blacklist for applying for 1 month.

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