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SiegeRPG Applications

SiegeRPG is looking for java developers and builders of any experience range to aid in further development of the server.

  We have been in business for 4 months and recently whitelisted the server for huge renovations. By volunteering your services
you can make a big difference for the server and it's community of 250+ players.
  • As a member of the build or development team it is expected that you complete the tasks that you sign up for.
  • We are lenient with activity as long as it is directly communicated that you will be inactive for a lengthy duration of time.
  • We have many tasks for you to complete, and you have a choice in what to do and when! It is asked of you that once you pick a task it should be worked on.
Application Process

1. Both processes require a google form to be filled and a testing stage at a negotiated time.
  2. Once accepted you will be denoted as a *trial* builder or developer (depending on what you applied for).
  3a. As a trial builder you will only be given the builder rank on the Minecraft server when an owner or admin is online with you.You will be given the trial builder rank on the discord.
  3b. As a trial developer you will be given the trial developer rank on discord, and will not be given the developer rank on the Minecraft server until you have earned that rank on discord by completing various developer tasks.

DISCORD discord.gg/xFgAvPY
CONTACTS Discord Tag Wrys#8935 | Email SiegeRPG.net@gmail.com
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Level 5 : Apprentice System

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10/03/2021 10:02 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice System
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Feel free to send me a DM on discord for more questions!
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