Why Forge Server always has low tps

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Kndy999 started 7/22/21 10:41 am
MyZia replied 7/26/2021 11:43 am
I have downloaded a modpack from curseforge that has 160+ mods and if I play it in single mode or with friends on LAN server(start the server directly from the option screen),there is no issues. But if I use the serverpack downloaded directly from cursefoge it almost can't play because of low tps.I have no idea if there is any differences between these two kinds of methods.I suppose it is not a forge problem because the issue happened on a server with only 30+ mods and more interesting is if I install sponge mod into the server the low tps issue disappers.The bigger possibility I think is the design of forge vanilla server.How to settle this problem.Thanks.:)
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07/26/2021 11:43 am
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Generally, servers with just plugins run slower.

Mods will slow it even further.

This is because of the mods, and how its not correctly optimized.
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