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Can not upload pics. Need help!

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created 08/04/2019 6:32 pm by aghostess history
last reply 08/13/2019 7:19 pm
Okay I realise that this website has a file size upload limit .but I can not upload hardly anything 😡 I have screenshots from my photo computer and I always edit my photos and crop and resize my photos small.
what is the maxium size limit? This is getting ridiculous for me that I can’t upload any photos on this site.
can anything be done about this problem? The upload does not tell me if anything has gone through or not. It’s just a long load with no success.

can this uploading problem be fixed or modified by the website moderators?
can something be done about this problem. Atleast I can know if my upload is too small or too large or not and won’t go through it should tell me.

thank you.
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4 replies

08/04/2019 6:51 pm
Level 22 : Expert Skinner
About the sizes and stuff I don't know,
But about the uploading I do.

The same problem happened to me when I was trying to decorate my profile,
But some how I found out a strange way of how to upload : ヘ(^_^ヘ)

1.Go on
2.Choose your pic
3.Don't post it, But copy

Go to your profile and paste it!!!!!

All Done!!!!!
08/04/2019 8:22 pm
Level 43 : Master Professor
Where are you trying to post photos?

Also it is not something that can be fixed or modified by the mods.
08/13/2019 7:19 pm
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
Trying to post in blogs.
08/05/2019 1:57 am
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
Might be other methods of getting a picture on here then uploading.
because the uploading is a pain in the butt. I might try and copy and paste a link as she suggested.
might be easier.

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