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How do I change the base color of my banner on the bannershop from white to literally anything else

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created 11/20/2019 9:09 pm by thecloudkingdom
last reply 11/22/2019 9:50 am
i just joined today so i could make banner edits and i've hit a roadblock trying to figure out how to change my banner's base color from white to something else. i see a lot of banners on here with bases that aren't white so i know it's possible, but i can't figure out how to do it and i'd rather learn the right way than try to fudge it by using up 2 layers to cover the white base
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1 reply

11/22/2019 9:50 am
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When in the editor, on the right side you have box with small banner and text 'White base' - click on the small banner

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