One of my map have been stoled without my permission

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Fit_Fire started 7/18/21 1:07 pm
Aspirin60 replied 7/18/2021 5:13 pm
Hey, i uploaded a map on my profile and i recently search "minecaft sailship" on google, and i find a screen of my map, i clicked and it loaded a website with a download for my map, but i never autorised them to do that so i wanted to know if i can have some help with this,

Thank you ^^
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You might be able to report the submission if whatever site it was posted on has a report button, or you could file a DMCA, but other than that there isn't much which can be done about this sort of thing - also be very careful about visiting those sites as some contain malware, make sure you have an antivirus and scan links and files using Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/ before visiting or opening them.

Also even "safe" sites can sometimes have ads which can cause viruses to be downloaded without you even needing to click anything, I would recommend getting Ublock Origin: https://ublockorigin.com/ to block ads on unfamiliar sites.
07/18/2021 5:13 pm
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Thanks for the ublockorigin-link,i changed my adblocker yet... (c;
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