How do I change my name on MP Minecraft?

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by emilios1310 » 9/20/2011

Hello, I seem to not be able to change my name on MP minecraft.

I always show up as "Player". I have used a name changer but it won't work... I am using MC 1.8 installation.
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by [Itsfuntime] » 9/20/2011

are you in the real minecraft or a pirate copy

if u are in a pirate copy then it might be at the title screen

if not there might be something on the MP server because i believe that you can not change your minecraft name
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by Z3NITH » 9/20/2011

You are able to change your name... It's called BUY MINECRAFT or you can use a Memory Editor Or you can look up on youtube "How to change Minecraft name From 'Player' Other than that I'm not sure what else can be done
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by rolandoislas » 10/3/2011

Have you tried the Minecraft Custom Name Launcher(CNL)? It will launch Minecraft with a name that you enter. The server that you are joining must allow non-premium users to connect.
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