How Did You Find Planet Minecraft?

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by Excision » 8/17/2011

How did you find PMC?
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by Pownage » 8/17/2011

I found planet minecraft when i was looking for a cool castle download to blow up and i found this site and a ton of castles! :D What about you Excision, where did u find PMC?
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by DarkenedClaw » 8/17/2011

Internet Explorer =D
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by Cipher_Punk » 8/17/2011

I was taking skin requests on the Official Forums, and Halucid came and told me I should move my gallery here. It wasn't until skindex went down that I actually did, though.

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by Jack_Keeley » 8/17/2011

i had been using planet minecraft since like 3 weeks after it came out, but didnt get an account until April 28.
i had found it on google when searching for good servers.
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by SlimeFX » 8/17/2011

I was searching for a new skin one day and I came here because of the good quality of skins I found :D
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by Mistrale » 8/17/2011

I believe I was just looking all over the place for servers and then I found this site. Originally used it just for finding more servers to play on, but then I started looking and downloading skins, and then making them myself, and now I'm expanding to other parts of the site... mainly just the forums though. @_@
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by Charlizard » 8/17/2011

Looking for good servers,found one on here,liked the lay-out it seemed really user friendly.The day after that i created an account and uploaded :)
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by Alex_The_Builder » 8/17/2011

well, i just searched minecraft :P
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by mommaCarole » 8/17/2011

I think I came here searching for skins... I don't remember, it's all a blur. Then some dude asked me to be a moderator. ;)
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by ThePlayer » 8/17/2011

my friend told me! :D
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by SoulStealer » 8/17/2011

I Found it through Kacboy ... He introduced me to it I think it was on a website ... Can't remember what website ... He Introduced me to Minecraft and PMC.
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