How do I make [free] signs?

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by Liranbr123 » 9/2/2011

It doesnt seem to want to work.. D: I make a sign, 1st row [Free] 2nd row any item code, the [free] lights up in blue, and when i right click nothing happens... Please help me through here, is this a plugin? or what? If it is, link plz, if u wanna talk more then u can come on my server, Liran's Server 5 in hamachi
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by atlanticretard » 9/2/2011

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by zlolslavez » 9/2/2011

You need essentials. The bukkit plugin. You also need to be an operator.
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by xCons » 6/26/2013

i tried it and i have essentials but it dont work i think ur supposed to have the plugin "essentials signs"
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