JVM error! Help.

Sometimes, we all need a little general help.

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by DemonicWolfz » 8/12/2012

'No JVM (Java Vurtual Machine) Could be found on your system.
Please define EXE4J_JAVA_HOME To point and instaled 32-Bit
JDK or JRE or download a JRE from java.com'

I dont know how to fix this error or what it even means.
I have tried re-installing java.
And i have deleted the whole of .minecraft.

Dose anyone have an answer?
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by ieatzyourface » 8/12/2012

Dunno, it's happened to me as well, people keep coming up with solutions but none are working. I think all we can do is wait until 1.3.2 comes out with the bugfix for 1.3.1, cause this has never happend to me until 1.3.1 came out.
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