1 lane bi-directional EATS (1080p) (boat road)

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by arPos » 10/5/2012

I began watching and maybe even playing minecraft because of etho's aquatic transport system, however boat coding got changed and they became fragile as a baby.

etho started a new world and altho EATS had a promising start it never came to be.

I continued developing however and have now come to a stage where it is demonstration ready.

Without further delay; This EATS has a elevator and a drop section and a semi-automatic junction with stop-start system.

Please do comment as well on functionality as on looks because I would like to build it in my 'legit' world but have my doubts about material choises.

Video 1 riding the road
Video 2: Mechanics
(total time 6 minutes)

cant get embed to work
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by Randomness6894 » 10/5/2012

Very impressive, good job. I might try build this, although it will probably be underground. :D
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