Looking for 1.6.2 Cops and Robbers Server

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by EonPhantom » 7/11/2013

If it's not laggy all the better post IP or message it.
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by johngd11 » 7/18/2013

Cops and Robbers 24/7
5 wardens
Cops and robbers escape from Alcatraz
Doesn't shut down every time the game ends
Will shut does for map updates (but only for a bit)
68 people can get on at once
Fun server
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by Severrassien » 4/6/2014

it's offline, is it just me, or is the server down for good?
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by 2001regan » 8/20/2014

That's an internal IP address, buddy. Won't work for anyone but people connected to YOUR wifi.
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