looking for girlfriend

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by joemckellar2018 » 6/19/2017

im 16
im very lonely
my dob is 10/13/2000
my psn is joemckellar2017
im nice and respectful to ladys
im online all most all day
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by MoonNationProduction » 6/19/2017

No offence lad, But have you gone that desperate to go onto a forum about or related to a game called "Minecraft". It's not exactly a dating website although I'm sure there is a bunch out there that you can try :) For example: www.jdate.com (yes I did just go onto google and tried to find some since I never been on one) Just saying but I'd think you probably have better luck with thoughs sort off sites than sites about certain games. I'm not saying you can't do that, Your choice. But I'm just saying you'll have better luck somewhere else :)
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by Ellie » 6/19/2017

I'm going to lock this before it turns into a trolling thread. Try finding someone at your school/hobbies.
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