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by Matthewenderle » 6/25/2013

+Amber+ wrote:Herro. I'm Amber, and I'm looking for a small server, since every server I go to its hard to be known because theirs like 50+ people. So if you got/or know a small server, ( under 20 players ) please reply. ;)


Most people stick around on my server because they make friends rather quickly. Right now there are 4 people on, but can hit 10+ later. Usually less than 18.

Check out the youtube channel for our server
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by RndrXAvengeR » 6/25/2013

How exactly do you keep survival and creative separate? I've been trying to do that in a vanilla server for a while, but no luck. Can you give me any advice or idea to help me out?

First you'll need a bukkit server. Once you have that then go into the "plugins" folder and download and place in these 2 plugins... "Multi-verse" and "Plotme". Start up your server then stop it so that the plugins generate there folders. Now stop your server and go back into the plugins folder and look for 2 folders called "Multi-verse" and "Plotme". Configure them to your liking but I HIGHLY reccomend NOT messing with "Multi-verse". This Step you HAVE to do. Look into the "Plotme config" file. you should find a line of text that should say something like this: "world:Plotme" or "worldname:Plotme" I havnt installed this plugin since I restarted my server so i dont know it exactly... although once you find this rename it to whatever you want BUT REMEMBER IT! Now save the config file and start up your server. Once your on use this command but instead of putting "WorldNameYouChose" put in the world name I told you to remember this is the command: /mvcreate worldnameyouchose -tflat You might get a bit of lag. Soon you should see message in the chat saying "Complete!". Now do this command and set a warp there (/setwarp warpname) here is the command: /mvtp worldnameyouchoose.
and there now all you need to do is make it so players when they arrive there be in creative mode i guess simply use a command block.
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by MakisHD » 6/25/2013

Hey if you want a small comunity server head over to AppleNinja:
IP: appleninja.uk.to
McMMO, Factions, PvP, Classes, Ranks
We have about 50 slots but never go over 14-20
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by epicdemon99 » 6/25/2013

Its only a small server but its awesome and well run:
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by bvgamer33 » 6/25/2013

Hey my server barely ever has anyone one so if you want to join msg me.
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by Pacifish » 6/25/2013

Deth_Glitch wrote:I use bukkit. if you can manage to get a bukkit server working then get the Multiverse plugin and then set the game-modes for each world and make sure the inventories are seperate.

Thanks for your help. I've been trying to avoid Bukkit for a while. But this might just convince me otherwise.
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by oLLyyyy » 6/25/2013

check out my server! :)


small and friendly community! always active players too! :P
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by umbreon_moom » 6/25/2013

Deth_Glitch wrote:Well host a server with a group of friends (AKA random people I know on skype) and it works hand in hand with a new gaming community called Sch00lb0ygamers. Your welcome to join!

Can i join?
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by iForger » 6/25/2013

if your looking for a small server come no further! Pootycraft has that to offer and so much more! Or server never goes above 40, perfect for that small server environment. You wont just be a number here, we like to get to know all our players and have a good time with them, so if this sounds like the server for you join us!
IP: mc.pootycraft.com
website: www.pootycraft.com
PMC: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/p ... and-more-/
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by iAmAwsum » 6/25/2013

I just started my server, and i'm looking for some players!

JOIN! The ip is
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by sawbuk2 » 6/25/2013

Hello! The server I am going to recommend is called "PangeaCraft"
It has recently turned into a hub, so it basically has everything!
Main world: Free Build
Other Servers : Creative, and Factions!
We also have many minigames Like:
-Survival Games
-And Adding more!

So if you are interested, please join!
our site : pangeacraft.webs.com

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by Rawkstarscotty » 6/25/2013

And of course, instead of giving good servers, everyone just advertizes their own. I personally like


Which is not my server. I has a few worlds (Skygrid is my favorite) and a very organized community.
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