Un-migrate your minecraft account?

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by IGotSwaggg » 3/7/2013

So I was wondering if there is a way to "Un-migrate" your minecraft account. Migrating to a mojang account and logging in with my e-mail rather than my original account name has made me not be able to play in online mode. If you have any information on how to undo this, please post it.
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by sed11 » 3/7/2013

You should be able to play on-line, even after migrating.
Not sure what's wrong.
I don't know how to un-migrate....




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by SugarrCraft » 3/7/2013

Contact mojang.
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by LeafNode » 3/8/2013

I would make sure you have the right email. I migrated my account as well, and had the same problem. It turned out to just be a typo.

Might seem simple, but check.
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