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by Whispering_Echo » 3/20/2017

I see many small-medium size server violating the Mincraft EULA by selling ingame advantages to players in exchange for real money, will Mojang do anything to them?
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by carbonawk » 3/20/2017

Chances are very likely most servers will not be addressed, there are simply too many of them. Wouldn't mind seeing changes on EULA about that since they don't enforce it as heavily as it seemed a while ago. :roll:
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by InuYasha86000 » 3/20/2017

The big problem is that when one gets busted 3 more show up, I personally think that ruins the game for a lot of multiplayer people, that's why I don't do paid hosting or anything that I need to pay extra for out of my daily life, my internet can support my servers and I don't need/want money for in game items that just ruins the fun for people who cannot afford to pay for gameplay advantages.
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