Minecraft Achievement Generator [New/Replacement]

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by 4377699683 » 5/25/2015

Recently achievecraft.com has been shutdown. (Meaning non of the image links work anymore)

So I remade it and put it up at http://achievecraft.net/create.php
Anyone can fix their images by changing the .com to .net. (Or put the url in the converter on the site)

It even has some cool new features that the old one didn't:

  • Resource pack icons. (Just added today. Will soon allow user uploaded packs)
  • Head icons on achievements
  • The generator doesn't require a page reload to make the image
  • Shorter image urls
  • All old url formats still work (even avatars as far as I know)

And have some more cool things planned for it. (Custom icon upload is being worked on)
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by ilovedollars6 » 5/25/2015

Nice, jared. beautiful.
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