Minecraft Is Boring

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by You8MyDoritos » 9/4/2011

I have had minecraft for a year now and play it everyday and it has just grown boring. Any cheap game suggestions?
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by residntevl » 9/4/2011

Browse Steam for a fun selection of games. I'm gonna say this because I can. Get Terraria if you haven't. People say it's like Minecraft, but once you get into the game, you will think different of it.

I've spent 150 some hours into Terraria and usually enjoy playing it over and over again because of how much fun I can have with it.
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by yokoolio » 9/4/2011

No. Nononononono.

DENIED. Minecraft never gets boring. just when you think it has, something new comes out like *ahem* MINECRAFT 1.8 *ahem*

Also look around the forums theres plenty of stuff to do like join a new server or make a Minecraft movie (Im collaborating in one of those, hopefully itll turn out good).

You could also try making mods or tex packs or skins, or even a new large freebuild project.

But also yeah Terraria is good too. Its like a more adventure-based sidescroller Minecraft, and its very fun and addictive... Until youve done everything you can do. When you hit the ceiling it gets boring fast.
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by Zacko320 » 9/4/2011

Minecraft will NEVER get boring in your whole life! :shock:
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by wishicoulddeletethis » 9/4/2011

Time to *Grabs weapons* Shoot him *Gun fire and screaming* 8-)

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by GrizzlyAmish » 9/4/2011

Have you played the game with mods?
Try starting up a new world on hard mode. That'll add some temporary thrill before 1.8 comes out. =P
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by GiganTron » 9/4/2011

This thread so far:
"I'm getting bored of MineCraft"
"Legitimate suggestion"
"Second legitimate suggestion"

It's gotten boring for me, too. Terraria's a good one, or you could give Garry's Mod a try. It's got the freedom of MineCraft with far more complex mechanisms so that you can make elevators, tanks, etc.
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by CoNNoRxACR » 9/4/2011

you should get TF2 (free)
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by deadifyed » 9/4/2011

CoNNoRxACR wrote:you should get TF2 (free)

any other good free steam games?
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by Frank_Swaty » 9/4/2011

well theres other good games like the counter strike series, portal 2, etc.
I don't find minecraft boring, sometimes i feel its time for a change
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by Buizbuiz » 9/4/2011

Terraria's good, it's a bit more fleshed out and is RPG-centric.

TF2 is the best free Steam game out there. It's one of the best Steam games too.

Like GrizzlyAmish said, try installing mods. I got a real kick out if the Clay Soldiers mod, and there's a lot of really fun ones to try out. Also, joining a server is cool and new if you haven't before.
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by Khanz » 9/4/2011

Terraria is a fun choice, should last you 2 weeks-1 month.

Then you can also try mods for minecraft, like Mo' Creatures and ObsidianPLus and the Dragons mod.
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