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by ThePvPremade » 3/5/2013


This Server Is Online, Right Now, Running Minecraft 1.5 Bukkit!

Dont forget to join our Server at
IP: http://minecraft.chatterbeat.org:25565

http://Chatterbeat.org has opened its doors to Minecraf Bukkit SMP PvP. It's a pretty open group, meaning if you want to play, no matter your skill level, then we're here to help

We Offer A 1.5 PvP Bukkit Minecraft Faction Server!

We Offer A 1.5 PvP Vanilla Minecraft Server!

We will be just a social clan of people that want to play with a mature group, with less raging kids. http://Chatterbeat.org has a Teamspeak server that is going to be used for communication cause we all know communication and team work is key for fun. Our Minecraft server is having a 8 3,6 ghz cores and 16GB Ram.

We are currently sponsored by http://Chatterbeat.org

We Also Run Minecraft 1.5 SMP PvP Vanilla Server

All we expect from you is to have fun and bring a positive attitude to our community. We are a mature gaming community, and our members are required to show respect to other members and players who may not be members. If we find that our members are abusing other members and non-members then consequences will be handed out accordingly.

In the future we will be hosting weekly and monthly events including tournaments, prize giveaways, fun nights, and raffles. In order to take part in these events you must be a loyal member of thehttp://Chatterbeat.org community.

http://Chatterbeat.org , while still in its infancy, is seeking to establish itself as a home for gamers who will be loyal to its values and seek to embody them in their gaming experiences.
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by ThePvPremade » 3/6/2013

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