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BIOSHOCK Adventure Map Metro (Xbox 360)

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created 04/28/2014 8:41 pm by notedhornet59
last reply 04/29/2014 2:32 pm
I have finally finished Rapture Metro the tutorial level, the map still needs some work to make it look cleaner though. However the basic layout is complete and averages to about 20-30 minutes for gameplay. The map includes recreations from Bioshock's Metro level and some self created buildings to add to the time. The level teaches players some of the skills needed to survive and thrive in the map. Some things are:

- End Portal Frames are trashcans, search around them for a item frame with a random item on it to salvage some useful stuff..
- Pumpkin is a Rosie helmet, this give you increased water breathing time and mines faster under water. The helmet can help players reach submerged and destroyed buildings and break in to search for whatever was left behind.
- Plasmids of course include Telekinesis(Fishing Rod), Incinerate(Flint and Steel), and Houdini(Ender Pearls). Tonics will be potions but renamed to fit their effect like invisibility is Chameleon, and swiftness is Sports Boost.
- Even a little hacking game that involves using the fishing rod to hit a pressure plate to open a locked door.

I'm excited to do it, but a few friends tested it out to find out one major flaw... creepers. The buggers blow the map to chucks and leave gaps to ruin everything. It is really frustrating, I know cats scare them away but do they stop the creepers sssssssss midway or does it cancel out when they see the cat? Please any ideas or help is appreciated.
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Level 1 : New Miner

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04/29/2014 2:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
By the way, Rapture Metro leads into the first official level which is Medical Pavilion. Each level (9 so far) will consist of 3 parts. The first part is basically a recreation of the level from the first BioShock game with some minor tweaks. The second part is based off of Bioshock 2's multiplayer maps, these maps serve as a safer area where you can test out new tools and recently gained plasmids. The third part is going to be created with the theme and elements from the first two parts and hopefully will be more exploration than the first two parts. Such as three skyscrapers connected tunnels. Stuff like that. Here are the maps I have in mind:
-Neptune's Bounty
- Fort Frolic
-Farmer's Market
- Hephaestus
-Mercury Suites
-Apollo Square
-Medical Pavilion
-Ryan Amusements
Anybody have any advice for a good adventure map or if any anybody has built a Bioshock map?

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