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Factions of Agathar

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created 06/14/2018 8:28 am by Governor95
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Realm of Agathar factions


The tribus people once ruled over agathar peacefully before the EXITIUM which turned the world into the dark age thus pushing the once human rulers out of the capital and back into the wilderness. Will you be the one to bring the race back where it belongs?


The sanguis are more commonly known as the night dwellers, this blood plaguing race have been around for thousands of years preying on the innocent that lose their path. since the world descended into darkness and anarchy they feel there time to rule is now.


The Daemonium rose from the depths of the EXITIUM causing havoc, they have expertise in mining since they have lived underground for centuries. some say that these are the beings responsible for the great forest fire but it still remains a mystery. They have gone into hiding most likely putting together a plan for the throne.


The Dryadalis are an ancient race known for there skills in stealth and archery, they do not care for war but do whatever is necessary to protect their own. Their claim for the throne is only to bring back peace to the world and stop the anarchy.


The Imprimir are a very territorial race and extremely volatile, they pride themselves on their combat skills, strength and loyalty to the clan leader. Their hatred towards the Tribus has lasted centuries and the world is just waiting for this rivalry to explode into carnage.


The Phaedra are responsible for the EXITIUM, a race that ruled the underworld for centuries and created the portal to the overworld, their expertise in dark magic are the best in Agathar, it seems like their claim for the throne will be inevitable.

The world of Agathar was recently hit with a catastrophe now known as the EXITIUM. This explosion was centuries in the making as the phaedra were planning to use their expertise in dark magic to create the portal to the overworld. however they never did this job alone as they had help from the Daemonium who lived in the deepest parts of the world. The phaedra demanded that they build a cavern big enough for the phaedra to break through from the underworld and in return would give them riches no man could imagine. Once the portal was built they broke through causing an explosion so large it killed half of the Daemonium race and their once vast cave system. This caused them to flee and betray the Phaedra, warning their once swarn enemies the tribus of their plans causing the great war which for the tribus ended in defeat causing them to flee.Once all races were told of the execution of the king it seems that everyone's intentions are clear.... The Throne!

Please get in contact if you wish to join!

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If you do not wish to type then please message my Gamertag


And i will invite you to a party and can tell me your story over the party.
hooe you enjoy
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06/28/2018 8:53 am
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You did not specify what console you are on, I do believe that this is PS4 and if it is I would love to join my username is PACMANPRO233.
06/28/2018 8:53 am
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I will reply with all the info when you specify what console.




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