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How do I post Xbox Edition worlds/pictures onto PlanetMC?

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created 03/26/2013 9:26 pm by FerociousNose
last reply 04/07/2013 7:37 pm
I am creating a large abandoned asylum in the Xbox 360 Edition, but don't know how to upload the finished product onto PMC (Not that I am finished, just want to know). Any help?
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2 replies

04/07/2013 7:37 pm
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djsaal is right, but if you only want to post screen shots, that option is available in the start menu. Press Y and it takes a screen shot for you to share to facebook.

To clear up what djsaal said:
03/27/2013 4:08 pm
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I could help u with that. Ok what u need:
A program named horizion
USB Drive
Ok move your profile with the world on your USB Drive. Then use horizion. On the right it shoyuld show ur profile. Then go on games hit minecraft and drag the world onto your desktop then go on here. Now press upload a project. Do whatever you need to do then hit upload file and hit browse and select your world and you are finsh! Hope this helped

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