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I been trying to connect with my friend on minecraft and cant connect need help.

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created 02/02/2019 12:53 pm by erhroxmario16
last reply 02/22/2019 12:54 am
Hey guys I been trying to connect on Minecraft with my friend and cant connect to his world. I use a windows 10 pc and my friend uses a nintendo switch. We live in the same building and use the same wifi network. He can connect with my pc world with his switch and any other device connects fine with me. But if I were to use any device to connect with my friend's world to his switch, like pc, mobile, it doesn't work. I get the invites and accept them and it just loads forever saying Generating world locating server... And apparently on his end he sees this message in the game saying to him that I died... And I have already uninstalled Minecraft and reinstalled it and it didn't fix the problem... Its been like this for us for like a few months now I think. However if I were to connect with him on another network to my friend's network, it actually works but this was a few months ago since I last did this with him... So what else do you guys think I should do? Let me know and I appreciate the help thanks guys!
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02/22/2019 12:54 am
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ok but how do I do that?
02/02/2019 6:02 pm
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This could be a problem with the internet firewall or switch itself.
Give a support ticket to nintendo

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