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PS3 Collect Resources and Fight World (I don't know what to call it) Read description to find out more!

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created 01/20/2018 11:42 pm by Wolf_Shun
Hey, I am currently working on a sort of collect resources and battle world for PS3! The rules are explained in the world so if you want to join then you can add me on PS3 (My psn is wolf_shun62 if you do want to add me) or you can leave your psn down below. The map isn't finished yet, but I will have completed the map in a few weeks. Also, you can be any age if you want to join! My world is mainly open on the weekends so I hope that isn't a problem if you intend to join.

Information listed below:
-PSN: wolf_shun62
-Country: United States of America
-Time Zone: Central Standard Time

I can't add pictures now but in my next post/update I will add pictures of my progress. That way you can suggest ideas while I am building! I hope to you there!
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