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PS3 / PS4 Mod Pack #1 Made For Version 1.24

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created 03/29/2016 1:09 am by jettGaming
last reply 04/05/2016 4:15 pm
What does this Minecraft ps3 / ps4 Mod Pack include?

Created for Version 1.24 on the PS3 and PS4 consoles.

Regular World, no more flat world mods

Edges are re writeable on the PS4 console allowing you to take your normal world ps3 map and increase its size to a large world ps4 map.

Your very own Ender Dragon flying around in the OverWorld. Not Flyable but 100% Killable

2 modded horses with increased speed, jump and health. Both have a textureless white skin. These horses can only be killed by your super over powered weapons and tools, so beware.

Mods were added and converted onto the PC map known as Aandovale Grove. It was a great map to feature my first mod pack.

Unbreaking Tools:

Modded Diamond Pickaxe
Modded Diamond Shovel
Modded Diamond Axe
Modded Fishing Rod

All tools have enchants and are highly modded for damage, one hit will kill!

Unbreaking Weapons:

Modded Diamond Sword
Modded Enchanted Bow

These weapons do not break and last forever, also have super high attack damage. You only need 1 arrow for the bow it will never run out.

Unbreaking Armor:

Modded Diamond Boots
Modded Diamond Leggings
Modded Diamond Chestplate
Modded Diamond Helmet
Modded Diamond Horse Armor

All armor has enchants and is truly unbreakable. Put this armor on and anything that comes within your range will die, no weapons needed. Has all enchants allowing you to walk / breathe under water. This armor will make you unstoppable unless your friend kills you with the super over powered weapons and tools.

Unlimited Modded Potions:

Modded Potion of Strength
Modded Potion of Water Breathing
Modded Potion of Night Vision
Modded Potion of Health Boost
Modded Potion of Leaping
Modded Potion of Healing
Modded Potion of Swiftness
Modded Potion of Regeneration
Enchanted Milk to Disable All Active Potion Effects.

All potions have been set on loop timers making them truly unlimited. The timer will start around 27 minutes counting down but once it reaches about 25 - 26 minutes the timer will loop and will start over again at 27 minutes allowing for non stop unlimited use of these highly modded potions.

The Download can be found in the video description.

How To Add The Mod Pack Instructions:

Step #1 Download the zip file to your desktop.

Step #2 Extract the zip file to your desktop.

Step #3 Open the 'JettGaming - Mod Pack #1' folder.

Step #4 Copy the folder named 'NPUB31419--160126201646'

Step #5 Paste the folder into your USB drive, make sure to have proper folders in your usb drive or the ps3 wont read it. Example: Folder: PS3 - Folder: SAVEDATA - Paste in here.

Step #6 Plug usb into ps3 and go to ps3 save data under your games tab. Select your usb and copy the file to your ps3.

Step #7 Open minecraft ps3 and your new mod pack will be under your loaded maps.

Step# 8 FOR PS4 USERS. Hit Triangle on the ps3 mod pack select upload save to PS4 once its done logout and boot up your ps4. Start up minecraft ps4 edition and download the map by hitting square. Let it do its thing and presto the ps3 mod pack is now playable on your ps4.

That is pretty much all for this Mod Pack.

Hope i made it clear and understandable for you all.

Any questions just leave a reply.
Want to join us in our current build? Gamer tags can be found on the signs at the starting point within the map.

Spoiler alert: mod pack #2 will include a working speed boat to get you around those oceans at high speeds. Not to mention it will be unbreakable.
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04/05/2016 4:15 pm
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Anyone want to join us in our PS3/PS4 build.

No need to download this mod pack just add us on PSN.

We will supply you with all the benefits from the mod pack.



This world has everything from pirate ships to airplanes to pyramids so high the tip is in the clouds.

Really fun world, lots of places to build and check out current massive builds we are working on.

Anyways you now know how to reach us.

Planet Minecraft



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