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The perfect seed

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created 10/30/2015 5:59 pm by ABGBOSS
Hey guys,
i need to find a seed for 1.7 for a community world we run on Xbox one.
Our current world got corrupted and we thought it was ample opportunity to start on a new seed.
About the specifics I'm asking for I need them to be on the spawn map where you originally start (the first map) We are keeping this map on classic size until the next console update so that we can expand our world and produce the new biomes and structures like water temples.
!This is for survival Minecraft!
I don't think loot, blacksmiths, easy Diamond's or Diamond locations and things like that make a good seed. I'm more interested in the landscape of the world for an amazing place to build in(can't seem to find a seed list for that purpose).
The list of what we are looking for is as follows
•All biomes-don't mind snow, Just want to be able to have some of everything.
•Nice mountains- I desperately want a mountain range with multiple overhangs for a place to build a base(but I can live without the overhangs, but I REALLY want them).
•3 or 4 villages minimum- although if there's a seed that meets the rest of the criteria 1 or 2 I acceptable.
•A witchhunt- VERY important to us for the vast variety of resources we farm from them.
•A double dungeon/monsters spawners within range of each other- as this is a survival world it will take a while before setting up a proper XP farm but double dungeons always get the job done until then.
•Mooshroom island- regardless of size.
•I'm interested in floating islands but they are not a requirement as I can build my own
•A big lake-possibly surrounded by land is something we had in the last world that we made great use of but this isn't a requirement.

I know this is very specific but I hope you guys don't think I'm being picky. To me this is a standard(perfect/near perfect) classic size world for players who care more about the world and not the easy loot or fast diamonds.
And there has got to be a seed out there like this! PLEASE HELP.
And thank you in advance.

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