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Xbox One Minecraft RPG Server

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created 02/25/2016 10:46 pm by Kyleis2cool1
Hello fellow Xbox one Minecraft gamers. I would at least assume wouldn't be looking at this thread if you didn't play Minecraft on the Xbox one. Back to the main point, I am "advertising" a server/world some of my friends and I play on, it's a full RPG (or at least as close as you can get without playing skyrim) world. We have a whole storyline set up and are working on creating 3 other worlds to play on after this one ends. Why am I "advertising" this world? Well we've been lacking players, to win the game or reach the end of storyline is for a Faction to conquer all the other factions, to unite, and create one new government. But we're are lacking people who will actually set up clans and play semi-regulary. As far as quests and how we all play is not strictly serious but we do take a seriousness to the storyline when needed, other then that, we are just messing around, having fun, in a self made, fully editable RPG world. There are rules and other regulations to the world but they are all fair and are minor compared to the world as a whole. And yes, if a faction is about to win and a new faction is created, the dominant faction has to take over the new one, once the newly created one leaves the "noob protection" (can't have factions being wiped out on day one). The amount of factions allowed on the world is tied to how many active players are committed to the world. Hence why I'm posting this. We use to have more people and lots of factions raging war, but people left console,game, or had life issues. As the war drags on, the storyline evolves and new events, side quests, ect. are created by the admins, and as a result of the lack of factions raging war, our quests/ideas have begun piling up in both unfinished or unbuilt. On a side note we are only looking for players, not admins, so don't message me asking to join to become admin, admins only create quests and events, we do participate, but is is only at a minimal level of involvement. Now if your still reading this, and this awesome RPG world sounds like it's interesting, send me a message on Xbox asking to join or any other questions you may have,but once you commit yourself, please try to finish the fight,again we aren't asking you to be regularly active, at least semi-regulary, so you (faction or individual) can stay up to date with events, on a side note, by not being as regular as other players it only hurts you in the war against each other, so logically if you want to win, you'll participate more than the other guy. Now if your interested my GamerTag is kyleis2cool1, and I'll get back to you ASAP.I hope to see you in the world and maybe see an end to this war.
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