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XPG's Minecraft Life | Economy | Xbox One | Role-play

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created 10/30/2015 2:20 pm by Valoryze

Hey guys! I am part of an awesome multi-game gaming community called Experience Gaming. We have just opened up our Minecraft division. This section of Experience gaming will include multiple worlds. All of which will be RP worlds. Our site has the list of jobs and the demand for them. Some worlds will be starting out from scratch in survival and some will have pre-built aspects to jump-start the community.

This world that I am advertising now is a role-play community server. Everyone has a job and there is a full currency and banking system. PvP is on but will result in punishment. This is an old rustic town where we work together to live and thrive as a community. As this server grows bigger, there will be multiple cities. Cities will be able to trade and those who choose to start a city are allowed to run it but must manage it and make sure it is well kept. Welcome to XPG's Minecraft Life!


We are officially re-opening

1. No Griefing
2. Obey Admins at all times
3. Attempting to counterfeit money is illegal
4. DO NOT steal from other players
5. Must have a working mic
6. Have Fun!

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We use paper for our money. We have made paper and labeled it to the monetary amount. We have a federal reserve and a bank. Both securely protected.

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Go and sign up on our website! Application form
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