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Introducing Lounge Craft! Our very own 24 hour Minecraft Vita Edition server that will be maintained, supported and moderated with lots of passion and care. It's a normal difficulty survival world, with only mob griefing disabled simply to protect other player's creations and structures from accidentally being blasted by a sneaky creeper explosion or broken by a rogue enderman.
Voice chat is active on the server so there's no need to muck with the party chat app or anything else. Do keep in mind that by default Minecraft's voice chat is not enabled so don't forget to enable it in your sound options. It's also possible to send fellow players a text message threw the Sony PSN smartphone app if you've both got it. If anyone needs to report anything to me or tell me something, the best way is to send a PSN message to my primary PSN account "ZodaEX" (without quotes).
Brand new players joining Lounge Craft will be introduced gradually at a maximum of one new member per day. If you would like to join our private Lounge Craft world then make a post here saying so, your intentions for playing on the server and your PSN name. Server world backups will be made once every 24 hours after map inspection. Everything will be backed up regularly & mirrored to my PS3's enterprise grade SSD so you can be assured that this world will be preserved for years and years to come.

-No griefing, harassing or stealing. This is taken very seriously and will result in a ban.
-No intentionally killing other players unless it's in mutual fun
-If you have a loud TV on in the background, turn off your mic!
-Use common sense
-No killing bunnies... How could you?
-Each player can have a maximum of 40 animals in their personal farm for performance reasons
-The community farm at the spawn is for the community to share. If you break the crops then replant them for the next starving person.

So whoever wants into Lounge Craft, just post here with the info I asked for and together we can all create and share our own world together Anywhere. Even on the toilet.

Active Player List:
1-Zodasaur- Server Host
2-AidanArazan- Server Moderator
7-FighterPilotTheo- Resident redstone expert
--Manni332 *Banned for griefing the community farm multiple times*
11-Nick_RebelZ- The guy who fell down the well
12-Hudsontj080501- Builder Extraordinaire
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04/21/2017 3:10 am
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EnderGaming11823: Can you please send me An invite to your server so I can get on it




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