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need ideas for next datapack

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created 11/17/2019 1:29 pm by nathan2221
I need to hear what the PMC (and probably Curseforge) community want me to make next using the fabric mods at my disposal as wood age is becoming harder to maintain as new mods add new wood types. I've got a few ideas in the polls but give me your input in the comments too.

thought it might be too long so the descriptions are here.
1. a food-oriented datapack pam's harvest craft esque. minimal difficulty though, mainly using crafty, function API and maybe artis

2. a combat-oriented datapack reminiscent of ICY's combat+ or spartan weapons. probably a hard one for me utilizing a plethora of combat-oriented mods including no dami, dynagear, vanilla excavators/hammers, and other ones to come.

3. an environment-oriented datapack with custom hunger, thirst, temperature (It'd be in F not C because I'm American), sanity, and weather. this is probably a harder one for me mainly because very few mod inputs are possible utilizing just function API off of the top of my head.

4. a progression based datapack, this will likely utilize mycraft, artis and a bit of function API for crafting, dynagear for tools, and crafty and cotton resources for ores (maybe replace that with function API.) medium difficulty probably and mod support for ores will probably fall a little... flat after awhile.

5. a generation oriented datapack utilizing cotton resources, function API, crafty and probably DU. low to high difficulty because if I have to use DU I'll be rewriting generation code for modded dimensions.

6. a dimension datapack utilizing simple void world as it's canvas. extreme difficulty, as only 1 other datapack does this and shoots my TPS up to 600 usually. will be heavy on my PC despite me having an i3 8100 and 8 GB allocated to the game.

7. other (describe it (be appropriate for the game's targeted audience and my PC specs preferably.))

Poll ended 11/22/2019 1:29 pm.

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