Nerfing Patrols, Raids, and Ravagers (1.14+).

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created 06/25/2019 3:52 pm by NickTheMobs
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One of the recent things I've heard a lot have been that even with Mojangs nerf to patrols, Raids, and Ravagers. They still are a lot for one player to handle. I've never made a data pack before, but I'd love to at least nerf the Ravagers health.

Does anyone know of any good tutorials for what I'm interested in doing? ^
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06/26/2019 5:41 pm
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I'd use Mcstacker.net for a /summon command to create a ravager with edited health, and a datapack tutorial.

I haven't found a good tutorial on this stuff but I'd recommend downloading a working base datapack to work off of. Also look up how to access the game log, because if there is something wrong with a command in a function the whole file won't work. The gamelog will show the error, where the error is, and then you can fix said error.

Anyways, good luck in your venture! In the end if you know how to write command blocks you know how to write functions for a datapack, and even if you don't have that if you stick with it you'll succeed. Cheers!
06/26/2019 7:09 am
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For editing the health of entities, command blocking

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