Request: Isekai CHEST, (infinite storage)

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zowyck started 06/28/2020 4:02 am
Amrith Erilaz replied 07/22/2020 8:33 pm
Maybe any person have idea how to create chest page whith infinite stacks, same mod

mi idea is one icon chest, to open not put in world, open see same whith 2 chest interface, and first slot one chest and second slot enchat book, on click on chest, change page same fisrt page, put in items on any page, and infinite stacks

put the items on any page, and they align automatically, by name, or it doesn't matter if it's because of how they were added

when you click on the chest, change the page, and if the page is empty with no items or not full go back to the first page

on clic on enchat book change to other page whith tp's locations, maybe put whith one page maybe enchat same warp book, clic on page and enchat id tp, and put in page tp

no have idea is this prosible whith datapacks

or maybe stacks normals whith pages, on page, chest, enchant book and chest and use chest to move on the pages < book > and book to enter list tp's
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07/22/2020 8:33 pm
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Amrith Erilaz
It's possible, but it wouldn't be practical for a normal survival world.
07/07/2020 3:27 pm
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mi idea is more to


cloud storage, or maybe

player storage


on datapack
07/01/2020 6:42 pm
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totally possible but think about it "infinite storage" with endless pages of items packed into 1 single block ... something has to go wrong, and in this case it would be "data overload" this happened in the mod Black Hole Chest
06/28/2020 3:06 pm
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This doesn't seem possible. You could have shulker boxes inside the chest(which would be totally vanilla), but that's about it. I suggest you browse plugins, not data packs.
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