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1.14-1.14.1 server owners, how's your performance?

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created 05/13/2019 10:26 pm by Astro_Doughnaut
last reply 05/15/2019 1:34 am
I just updated my server to Spigots 1.14.1 build, and we're sitting at a solid 10TPS with 20+ people online.

My players know what they're getting into when they join my server, so there's no issue there.

How is your server running 1.14-1.14.1?
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4 replies

05/14/2019 11:41 pm
Level 29 : Expert Spider Rider
My players seem weirdly willing to suffer, but no, the server is not running as it should. As soon as the server starts, ram usage goes up, and doesn't go down unless I restart the machine.
05/15/2019 12:04 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Dragonborn
My players are the same way about suffering, I've got 20-25 people online during most times, and we see TPS drops to 5TPS, and they're still chugging along without a care in the world.

I mean, they join knowing 1.14 is trash, I just hope they sort these issues out ASAP.

Thanks for replying!
05/15/2019 1:34 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Cake
Well, I play on a whitelisted survival server, and it is 1.14.1 currently. i don't know how well it does in that version yet, because I haven't had time to get on, however I do know that with 5+ and someone loading new chunks (yea that's a mass lagger, chunkloading) in 1.14, the lag is REALLLLLL.

And well, going through a nether portal is also really laggy XD
05/14/2019 11:32 pm
Level 24 : Expert Architect
Similarly. 1.14 was a pretty rushed update on Mojang's part and 1.14.1 fixes some issues but fundamentally the game is still very poorly optimised. A lot of bugs, exploits and lag issues still exist in it. I've done a little stress testing on my server at the moment and I find the main issue causing TPS drops is chunk rendering.

Interestingly CPU usage and memory usage remain at about 10-30% at all times and yet the server doesn't recover it's TPS without a restart. If people stay in small areas then TPS sticks to 20.

From Nossrr ( developer of MCMMO ) " 1.14.1 is not recommended for production. The vanilla server code still suffers from some major issues, this update was put out as a hot-fix to fix the biggest issues, but unfortunately 1.14 was a rushed release from Mojang and still suffers from severe performance issues even in 1.14.1.

Apparently there are new exploits, horrendously slow chunk generation, and other issues with 1.14.1, it would be very unwise to go from 1.13.2 to 1.14.1 currently.

I recommend waiting for 1.14.2 and seeing if that update fixes some of these pressing issues."

Essentially running it as a 1.14.1 server is not gonna go well, unless your players are very understanding to the issues. Not much you can do except wait.

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