1001 ways to DIE in minecraft!

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Alright Hi there! I started a thread based off the one *1001 things to do in minecraft* well I sit here saying, *what about 1001 ways to DIE in minecraft!?*, well im here to represent that thought

ok so everybody MUST put 10 ways in each reply or die!!!

k have fun :XD
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11/04/2012 8:37 pm
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1. Fall in lava
2. Try to hug a creeper
3. forget your diamod pick in a obsidion box
4. be a noob in pvp
5. Summon the wither with nothing but your fist.
6. Think that the ender dragon is easy
7. Be such a noob that you have no idea what fall damage is.
8. try to troll a troll
9. Shoot an arrow in the sky
10. Challange me to pvp




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