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Any Mods That Make Singleplayer Less Lonely?

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created 07/17/2018 7:05 am by SteamPlay22
last reply 07/17/2018 2:16 pm
I have been playing Minecraft for a long time.
And Singleplayer is just, boring.
So if someone knows any good mods that add NPCs and stuff, please post them here!
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07/17/2018 2:55 pm
Level 3 Apprentice Explorer
  • I second MCA! Watching villagers grow up, marry, have their own children, befriending them etc. can make the villages feel a lot more alive.

  • Mo' Creatures is pretty self explanatory. It makes the world feel a lot less empty, and taming foxes, dolphins, elephants etc. makes the world less lonely.

  • Along the same line of adding pets, DoggyStyle - ugh - adds several breeds of dogs and adds new interactions and skills for them.

  • Some people like Millenaire, I don't lol so I can't tell you a lot about it. It generates villages based on different cultures. It makes the villages more complex

  • Minions adds cute lil people that follow you around and do your dirty work. How can you be lonely when you have an evil little friend shadowing you??

07/17/2018 2:16 pm
Level 10 Journeyman Network
Minecraft Comes Alive is a pretty classic one in this regard. It replaces villagers with NPC characters that you can interact and chat with in many ways, even going so far as to get married and have kids. Its pretty fun if you are in to that sort of thing.




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