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submitted 09/22/2017 12:48 pm by TrinityXO
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Hello everyone, my name is TrinityXO and for the past few weeks, me and some friends have been working on a server network that revolves around roleplay. The gamemodes are kingdoms (something new compared to factions), creative, kitpvp and minigames. We have been able to test it within eachother but i would like some people to randomly join and test out the server for us. The role of these testers are just to see if they can find any bugs, glitches, incorrect permissions or improvements which we can implement.
*Take note - voting rewards and messages have not been setup*
I am going to leave the ip here, therefore feel free to join any random time and explore around. You can report anything you find at:
Thank you for your contributions, we would just like to make a good impression when official launch comes, therefore we getting beta testers now

You can connect to the server with: avalonia.mc.gg

*BIG NOTE: we are using a small plan for all servers, therefore you will experience overall lag. This will be minimised for official launch as all plans will be upgraded"
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09/24/2017 2:33 am
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Server is backup, there were a few problems but they have been taken care of.




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