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best thing about Minecraft on P.C and console versions.

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created 02/15/2015 12:12 am by aghostess
last reply 02/20/2015 3:47 am
I Love Minecraft on P.C and next gen console versions , why?

Because P.C version of Minecraft has so many more creative crafting options and abilities to create your material and gathering more items.

and next gen console versions are great because you get updates and etc.

And also less bugs to no bugs at all.

None of my Minecraft gameplay has ever had glitches or bugs at all the entire time I played even on xbox 360.

So, whatever console you play it on what is the best thing about P.C minecraft and console minecraft.

please name points that you like...

thank you
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Level 20 : Expert Explorer

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16 replies

02/20/2015 12:58 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Taco
Yay lists!
*PC has the biggest worlds
*REAL servers
*Better skins
*Command Blocks
*Shaders Mod
02/19/2015 10:50 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Network

It's pathetic how my 5 inch PHONE can run minecraft better than a console.

Oooooohh. #roasted.
02/19/2015 5:32 am
Level 38 : Artisan Crafter
Obviously the pc is superior by having command blocks but the recent updates to the consoles are getting closer to the pc finally adventure mode and mobgriefing false for consoles yay
02/19/2015 4:25 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
i love pc minecraft its 10 times better than Xbox Or Playstions
TIME TO FACE reality Minecraft on xbox and Playstation is SHIT
there is not have as much items and there No big servers
02/19/2015 3:09 am
Level 38 : Artisan Electrician
redstone is the most beast thing ever
02/19/2015 2:41 am
Level 20 : Expert Explorer
36 times larger it's infinite block space ...

there is no number of how many biomes and blocks you get .

it's infinite ...
02/20/2015 3:47 am
Level 20 : Expert Pokemon
Minecraft is not infinite. Search on youtube: How big is minecraft?
02/19/2015 11:04 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Architect
Please stop saying that a large number is infinite. Just because you will never reach the end doesn't mean something is infinite, as your life is finite, and it just bigger than your life. #pleaseUseCorrectWords.jpg
02/20/2015 1:30 am
Level 20 : Expert Explorer
Okay if not infinite it's still a massive big number of blocks to use in one world.

But if not infinite it's almost infinite due to the large number of blocks.

I don't know much about P.C but I would love to have a crack at playing P.C minecraft and build a fortress farm with electrical machines/barriers.

I want to get it on my desktop hardrive computer.

and really geta taste on how Minecraft works
02/19/2015 6:50 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
36 x 1024 is only 36864 or 36 thousand KM, compared to the size of the PC version of 4.7 quadrillion km2, which is around 4.7e+12. So, XBONE is NOT bigger than PC
02/19/2015 6:49 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Network
Actually there is an end to a minecraft world, its where the farlands used to be but now the land continues to generate except if you go past a certain point the terrain becomes glitchy in that area.
02/16/2015 10:04 am
Level 28 : Expert Explorer
World size on minecraft:

PC: 30000000 x 30000000 blocks
Console: 5172 x 5172 blocks

Nuff' said
02/19/2015 2:39 am
Level 20 : Expert Explorer
I play on xbox one so the worlds are way larger... medium or large world you get 36 times more then xbox 360 single classical world.

think about it..
02/19/2015 10:17 pm
Level 28 : Expert Explorer
Xbox 360 worlds were 864x864, 'next-gen' consoles have a world size of 5172x5172. That's still pathetic compared to PC, and even the pocket edition.

It's pathetic how my 5 inch PHONE can run minecraft better than a console.
02/20/2015 1:33 am
Level 20 : Expert Explorer
I believe P.C would have way more items then console versions.
That's why I am going to give P.C a crack .

I cant wait to get my desktop
02/16/2015 9:52 am
Level 1 : New Miner
PC Version is better because it's on PC

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