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Calm survival server

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created 06/29/2016 3:08 pm by Daneolog
Hi guys,

I'm new to Planet Minecraft, so if I break the rules accidentally, I'm sorry. Anyway, I've been searching around for a good cracked minecraft server, but I couldn't really find any. I'm the type who doesn't like much action. If any of you know of the server Vox Populi (it's the server that Markiplier played in), I would like to play in that server. No KitPVP, no SkyWars, all that stuff... I just want to create a peaceful house in the wild, use a shop, get a farm, you know. So if anyone knows of a cracked server like Vox Populi, please share it. Thanks a bunch

Oh right... it should be 1.9.4 or up...
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