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Common Solutions to Common problems

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created 09/08/2019 10:58 pm by DodoSwarm history
Solutions that I have found for 2 different seemingly possible Minecraft Java Edition errors

I am not 100% sure these will work for everyone but these are solutions to Crashes/errors I have had over the past, also, not sure if this is a repeat thread I'm new to the forums but I thought this could help some people

Minecraft freezing when you switch to full screen/windowed mode

Im the past on several occasions I have had a big where Minecraft freezes upon trying to enter full screen or windowed mode which results in the inability to open the game again (game freezes at the Mojang Logo).

Since it is impossible to get into the game the regular way, the solution that always worked for me in the past is as follows:

Go to the windows logo in the bottom left of your desktop (Start)
And type %AppData%

Once inside the AppData folder locate .Minecraft

Inside the . Minecraft folder you will find, or at least should find, an options.txt file, open it and change the fullscreen option to true or false (opposite of whatever is causing the issue)

Modded Minecraft Full Screen/Windowed Solution:

If you are only using the forge client with mods in the "mods" folder in .Minecraft then the solution is the same as above. However, if you are using a modpack on the Technic Launcher or Feed The Beast the solution is as follows

Feed The Beast: In order to reach the proper options.txt file select the modpack you are having the issue with and select edit modpack ( Located at the top of the launcher) in the edit modpack screen there is a edit/view files button once you have clicked this file explorer should open and show a list of mods

In order to locate the options.txt file you have to back up a bit, we are looking for the Minecraft files, I use Windows 10 so at the top of my file explorer I see


Select Minecraft and then locate the options.txt file and follow the same steps as listed in the vanilla Minecraft section above.

Technic: I have never encountered this glitch on the technic launcher

Minecraft randomly freezes during gameplay but I can still hear sound/game playing in background EDIT: The solution below has proven to be temporary

It took me a while to settle this issue every time that I have encountered It, sometimes it goes away on its own, however, there are 2 common Solutions to this that have worked for me in the past.

1) Minecraft has Too much/Too Little Allocated RAM
There are solutions everywhere for how to change the amount of RAM you can / should allow Minecraft to use so I won't get into that here just know that may be the issue

2) Nvidia causes crashes in Minecraft sometimes
Depending on your PC you may have to run Minecraft on your Integrated Graphics (usually Intel) instead of a much more powerful dedicated Graphic Card (can't think of the proper term right now) like Nvidia (usually Nvidia causes this issue, it does for me) once again, there are plenty of tutorials out there on how to change between Integrated and Dedicated Graphics so I won't provide that tutorial here.

Note:Like I said these are just how I solved these issues for myself and there are other possible solutions for them but these are all solutions that have worked for me, I am not the best at giving tutorials but I figured this could help someone
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