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Dope Minecraft Server (needs staff)

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created 07/30/2017 8:22 pm by RyanSkate
You probably don't know me. If you do, thats great. Anyways, to the point. There is a pretty dope new server. It is not mine, and I dont have staff on it. No, I'm just a normal player. So you ask: Why are you making a post on it then? Well, its a dope server first off. It needs a little boost, then it will be pretty popular. What is it? It is a kitpvp server. It has kits you have never seen before! Anyways, about the staff part. No, it is not easy to get staff on it for all you staff hunters. Sure, go ahead and try. But you need to put effort in. If your a staff hunter, go away <3. Anyways, yeah. Hope to see you on!!!

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