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RP! (Lotr modpack)

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created 02/28/2015 11:32 am by squidsrule2
Background: Morgoth has returned and is creating a new fortress in Forodwaith he has created new creatures deadliest of which the Gorgomoth they reside in the red Mountains in hives they look like Mordor spiders but with 500 health to make matters worse Ungoliant is back and must be destroyed before her army of spiders corrupts all of Rhun so the armies of middle earth prepare for war first we must vanquish Sauron then the Gorgomoth then Ungoliant then finally Morgoth! there are 4 chosen ones to slay Morgoth Captain_Dragon23 xD_Warrior_xD Halgard and Erebus64! this story mainly takes place in the East and North in Mordor Rhun Red Mountains Forodwaith Wilderland the Iron Hills and Angmar
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