feeling bored in minecraft a lot,what can I do?

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Hey guys , look I really Love playing minecraft.

But I have an issue with boredom and my playing with minecraft is less consistent .

I get bored of the game every now and again I get bored with just hacking away at blocks and I am a creative somebody because I love creation.

I have another feeling of interest in the game because I love exploration and gathering loads of resources.

I love minecraft But this bored feeling in minecraft I want to take it out of my emotions.
is this normal?
do we all feel this way with the game?
but one thing I am never going to do is quit minecraft for good. Just sometimes I need a break from it but I am never going to stop playing it.

How can I mentally overcome boredom in Minecraft?
Minecraft is a very interesting game that no other games have.

I Just need to get overcome the bored feeling and replace it with a goal.
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07/19/2017 8:00 pm
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I recently Just started working on my world that I created on my console version and I am finding it rather interesting to just keep expanding my world I mean the creativity never ends for any of us when we play minecraft.
Minecraft is such an amazing game so I give myself a few tasks to complete.
I just recently filled in my veggie farm and added multiple layers of component elevations with my build.
But I do understand some people get burnt out when playing means they need to recharge and take a break. This game fulfills my imagination so much completely! no I can't stop playing I feel as though my whole life has been put into this game because my imagination has been grasped by this game minecraft.

The minecraft world is so amazing!
But if you feel burnt out when playing by all means it's your mind telling you that you need a break from it.
07/17/2017 11:59 am
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Kill everything with fire. Start doing maps more often.

Start killing maps with fire.

I heard kittens were fun.

Play with other people.

Eat everything you possibly can.

Eat other people.

Eat other kittens.

Don't listen to the guy with the long list.

Eat the long list.

Kill the long list with kittens and fire.
07/17/2017 3:58 am
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You could try playing minecraft mmo rpg's like this one https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/minecraft-mmo-rpg-the-hiva-kingdom-pre-alpha-5/
i had a lot of fun on this
07/17/2017 3:07 am
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If you are bored, try playing around with mods or modpacks like FTB, Tekkit etc. That might make the game interesting again, As modding has alot of things to do.
07/16/2017 11:29 pm
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I Just go forth and explore and find new land to build.
I always build multiple land masses in many different area's of the map in the game.
I love exploring the most in the game because it gives me new tasks to work on.

yes, taking a break from the game is a great idea.
I just can't with any game I play Just sit there all day my legs get sore because I am inactive.
07/16/2017 10:19 pm
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The saying is everything in moderation. People have become so obsessed with games that they have starved themselves to death playing.

That may have been an exaggerated introduction, but it's point is real. Take a break from the game. It won't disappear overnight.

I can also recommend trying to find a good multiplayer server. Many servers out there come up with interesting ideas for changes to how the game works and they don't even require mods. Although, modding the game could make it more fun for you too.
07/16/2017 9:57 pm
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Honestly, I've been getting the same thing as of recent. Just been doing so much and become burned out with the game after it all.

What I did was I decided to take a break and play other things, and do other things in the world. It's not bad to take a short hiatus for a bit and just enjoy other things that are out there!

Just my two cents




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