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Found a true survival island seed (Java edition)

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created 10/25/2018 3:46 pm by DaddyGamer1984
last reply 10/25/2018 9:04 pm
Hi guys and girls....a little excited that this is my first ever post here but I had to find a forum and post this amazing survival island seed for others to share...

I was watching a few YouTube videos where people put words as the seed.....BLUECAT as an example. So me being me I tried a few and came across a great seed...a single small island in the middle of a vast ocean.

Put THEGREATBEYOND (all in caps) as the seed and let me know what you make of it.

I haven't done a ton of exploring but south lead me to more and more ocean whilst east did lead to a small savanna isle and a desert further on with a temple and a small village w/blacksmith.

Other than know as much as me for now.

Give it a shot and leave your feedback in the poll.

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