I found something curious in Minecraft

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Hi everyone and welcome to my post
I found something curious that proves me that Herobrine is real and also Entity 303 and other hacker
If you read this is story in this link: http://bit.ly/2oIvWg3 it will say you something of username666 many few people know of this hacker that works for Entity 303 and also is fighting with Herobrine
My personal opinion:
At the start, when i start playing Minecraft, I start at Creative Mode in Peaceful difficulty
All people that play minecraft just like me said me that there was a hacker that is Herobrine, a friend that I have said me that is a Notch Error in the code, so I only think that Herobrine was fake just in months playing minecraft i start sawing many videos of appereance of Herobrine and I start to be scary
So I today i search in a web page: es.namemc.com
And I search if Herobrine has account
And i found that Herobrine has account
Just go to the page: http://bit.ly/2pe2HTV
And you will see that Herobrine is real!!
And Entity 303 also: http://bit.ly/2oIKdZX
And username 666 also, is another hacker that works for Entity 303: http://bit.ly/2pxXvH3
And the Lick also exists: http://bit.ly/2oIDFdR
Its incredibly that this NameMC searcher, found also the hackers!!!
So what do you thing, do you thing that all this hackers are real or not??
Said it on the comments
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Arturo MC Gamer
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04/21/2017 1:14 pm
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Arturo MC Gamer
The NameMC checker is only proving that the account is in use or not, but i dont have really proves of it is real, because one day i trolled some villagers with dispensers, pressure plates, and TNT, then when all the village was destroyed, I see to the sky and i see some TNT that it went off,the TNT fall down in the Blacksmith's House and blowed up, I was completely nervous, when I didnt make any TNT cannon.
And I created a new world with the seed, elmundodearturo
And i walked and walked in all the world and i found a cross in the floor and I was completely nervous and my FPS went down from 20 fps to 5 fps when I saw the cross
I closed the map




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